You’ve spent months planning and preparing, picking fonts for your invitations, gifts for your welcome bag, accent plates and flatware for your table settings, bouquets, centerpieces, canapes… the list could go on and on. But though you’ve invested all of these hours (not to mention money) in planning the perfect celebration, at the end of the night, all you’re going to have are the memories and the photographs.

That’s why it’s essential that you and your photographer are on the same page when it comes to your must-have shots. Of course, a professional photographer will have you covered, and you need not worry about them capturing all the moments of your special day. But it never hurts, especially on a day that will fly by in a blur of joy, to think and plan ahead with your photographer about the photos that matter the most to you.

Bride in Action: a black-and-white shot of movement — you swishing your dress or, if the weather cooperates, your veil blowing in the wind — feels uber-romantic and timeless. A Dramatic Pose: this is your wedding (and album), so if you want your photographer to do a few more artsy or dramatic shots, tell them! Bridesmaids at the Ceremony: an artistic angle of your bridesmaids at the ceremony gives you a perspective you weren’t able to see while at the altar.

The Wedding Party Kids: when these kids are all grown up, how cool will it be to look back at your album and show them you really did know them — and love them — when they were itty-bitty? The Aisle Walk: whoever accompanies you, this is a dramatic shot you’ll treasure long after the recessional. Groom at the End of the Altar: The look on a groom’s face as he awaits his soon-to-be-spouse is always extremely emotional and beautiful.

Your Furry Friend: don’t forget to have your photographer get shots of the personalized details and touches that make your wedding yours alone. Sweeping Ceremony Shot: look at your vows from a different view altogether. Special Traditions: alert your photographer to any unique aspects of your ceremony, so she can be sure to caption them. Ceremony Decor: don’t miss shots of small touches you made to make your big moment as pretty as it is special. Your Guests: Candid shots of your guests’ reactions during your ceremony give you a perspective you don’t have while you’re saying “I do.” We Did It!: the recessional shot is usually one of the happiest in an album. Make it Legal: you’ll have a lot of photos of wedding moments, but there’s only one moment where you legally go from single to married.