Getting Ready

The big day was came. The tests are over, the hairdresser and beautician must now get harder. The dress makes you look like a queen. And here comes your best friend and you get a lump in your throat. It is forbidden to cry now, otherwise you ruin the makeup and beautician would not do more time to remedy this.

The photographer moves cautiously, grabbing the most important moments and details, but without hindering the work of others. Preparations in full swing and the best photos are stolen. If you have enough time, you can do some posing.

Environmental Pictures: pulled-out shots of the entire space, including the sky or ceiling, really set the scene for what it was like on your wedding day. In-Between Moments: whether it’s you on your way to the ceremony, or you and your dad about to walk down the aisle, the small moments between the big ones sometimes make the best photos. Reception Decor: getting a pulled-back shot of your reception before guests arrive will let you get a feel for “the scene” you’ve set so carefully.

The Guest Book: a shot of your family and friends signing the guest book will make you feel like you’re a guest at your own wedding — in the best possible way. Reception Tables: from the centerpieces to the chairs and flatware, have your photographer capture all the decorative details. Escort Cards: if you spent time (or money) on unique escort cards, this is a must-have for your album. Cute Signs: interesting signs telling guests where to go are functional and worthy of a photo op.

Signature Cocktail: wedding guests — and photographers! — love a cocktail that looks as good as it tastes. The Food: a good caterer will make a menu that’s not only delicious but also beautiful — and a good photographer will be sure to snap it. Your Wedding Cake: your cake is an iconic part of your wedding — remember it well after it’s eaten by preserving it in your album. Your Musicians: whether it’s the ceremony musicians or wedding band, you’ll want to capture an image of the folks who had your guests on their feet all night. Your First Dance: you might not remember much of your first dance, so this photo is priceless. Father-Daughter Dance: this and the mother-son dance are classic, emotional moments that make for touching photographs. Aerial Shot: A shot of the festivities from above gives a unique perspective. Listening to Speeches: an image of you two listening to your families and friends’ toasts is sometimes even more meaningful than a photo of the speaker. The Favors: Whether you DIY or buy them, favors are a fun finish to your evening (and album). The Exit: A classic “just married” shot is a perfect ending to your album. The Getaway: Whether you have a sparkler send-off or something more low-key, a good-bye shot is yet another way to close your album.