Other Solutions

For years, digital photography has established itself, overcoming the classic film photography, both for the quality, both for the versatility offered. With this in mind, now only using modern digital technology, the natural evolution that takes delivery of photographic prints on paper is no longer our core business.

Of course I will take care to provide the highest quality prints and enlargements, but now the standard service is the photo shoot with the sole delivery of files. It enables you to not give up on anything compared to a normal photo shoot, but avoid the costs of printing. This results in a significant savings, but may always rely on the quality and guarantee of a professional photo shoot and complete in all other respects.

Indigo Photobook

In addition to Wedding Books described in the appropriate section, you can choose also printed and bound photobooks like magazines, rather than a wedding album. One way to get something absolutely modern and alternative without sacrificing care for the layout and photography that are always at the top level. The formats available for this solution are the 20x20cm (20×40 open) and 30x30cm (30×60 open), and two vertical rectangular sizes 24x30cm (30×48 open) and horizontal (24×60 open). The printing is done with all-digital technology Indigo, on paper which can have a standard finish matt or gloss UV varnish.
It’s the ideal solution to get more copies of the same album, for example wanting to make a prestigious gift for parents and witnesses. However even in this case it is not possible to provide a fixed cost, even if – compared to the classic photobook – there is a slight savings, due to the use of less costly materials.

Plexiglass Box

Plexiglass box and prints mounted on cardboard

A modern and elegant idea. 20x30cm prints mounted on cardboard and collected in a plexiglass box. It is not a service dedicated to those looking for savings, because the cost is as an album and photobook, also maybe superior. However, it may be the choice for those who want to break away from the concept of the album as a collector of photographs, but at the same time do not want to give up to show their beautiful photographs printed.
In addition, to further customize your choice, you can get the press – as well as on traditional photo paper – even on precious paper, cotton, canvas or fine-art paper with pigment technology.