When you request the video, we can enjoy on the collaboration of skilled professionals external of our studio.
The presence of the video operator will be hardly noticeable, he will shoots the events without artificial intervention and without absurd requests. By us, will execute the editing and post production necessary to get the DVD or BluRay in high definition, as you need, using music and songs most important for you, in order to obtain a result that reflects your liking and your personality.

Things Brides Do That Make Photographers Go Crazy (continued)

Keep Photographers in the Dark… Literally
Photographers can shoot in all kinds of lighting, but sometimes it requires setting up extra equipment so that moments captured don’t look cloudy. Whenever possible, plan to shoot photos in areas with natural light. For example, instead of having your hair and makeup done in a dark room, select a setup near a sunny window. If natural lighting isn’t an option, give your photographer a heads up in advance.

Have Unrealistic Expectations
It’s great to have—and communicate—what you envision your wedding pictures to look like, but don’t forget to be realistic. An indoor wedding in a modern hotel is going to look very different than a sunset wedding on an ocean beach. Photographers can capture magical moments, but they aren’t magicians.

Forget About Family Drama
No family is perfect, and that’s okay. But if Aunt Leona and Aunt Eleanor are known to erupt into spontaneous screaming matches, maybe placing them next to one another in the family photo isn’t a great idea. While you don’t have to dish the dirt on your family’s business, giving your photographer a heads up on potential drama can only be a good thing.

Invite a Photo-Enthusiast Friend to Also Take Pictures
When there is more than one person holding a camera, those in the picture don’t know where to look. Since you’re paying a professional to take the best pictures possible, politely ask your camera-happy friend to save her hobby for another time. Your wedding photos will look better for it.

Eat During Toasts
By the time you finally sit down to eat at your reception, you’ll likely be famished. Before digging in, wait until everyone has given their toasts. Photographers want to capture your responses to the special words shared, and that’s not alway possible if you have a mouthful of food.

Not Saving Your Photographer a Good Seat
It’s a given that your photographer should be served a meal. But make sure that his or her seat is located where the action is. If your photographer can’t see what’s happening during dinner, there’s no chance to snap the pic when a spontaneous moment arises.

Not Give Them a Break
Yes, you’re paying photographers for their services, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally need bathroom breaks and a chance to grab some food. Make sure the agenda allows them the little extra time they need, instead of having to rush through a meal.

Worry About the Details Instead of Enjoying the Day
Your wedding day only comes once—instead of stressing about the little details, don’t forget to stop and enjoy it all. You’re marrying the love of your life while surrounded by family and friends. Soak up every special moment that you can.

And remember, while you’re living your best day ever, trust that your photographer will do anything to get the shot.