Wedding Book & Album

For decades the traditional album was the only solution for wedding photos. With appropriate changes you can still ask for it, but in recent years they have had over other solutions, certainly more modern and better suited to the current photo evolution.
We are proud to be among the first photographers in our area to embrace new technologies and to propose the modern photobooks. As for the layout, we are not using ready-made templates or automated programs, but we take care of fully by hand every picture and every detail, looking for a balance and a form that reflects our style, but at the same time meet your likening, for a truly customized and bespoke result.
The three models of photobook on this page are just the most popular, but certainly do not cover the wide range of solutions from wich you can choose and are constantly updated. Following you can see some examples of the layouts.


Precious materials and perfect hand-made finishes.

Every cover, both for classic albums and digital books, are guaranteed by craftsmen who made their work a mission, and ensure the best quality standards about leather and manufacturing.

Depending on the cover you choose, the packaging will include an elegant valise made of the same material and color, or an exclusive box where keep your precious memories.

Besides multiple solutions you may choose after looking at the catalogues you can see in our studio, a cover on canvas is also available (fabric treated for Fine Art print).

On the canvas, we can print a picture or a graphic composition: this way, we obtain a whole customization, creating an absolutely exclusive product.


Vertical format 30x40cm (40×60 open) is the most often used format.
The quest for balance through symmetries that equate significant details and important moments. The layout combines modern and light colors and figures highlighting all the individual frames.
Normally this photo book is printed on traditional photo paper, but you can ask for Fine-Art pigment printing, that is higher quality and durability.


Format 40x40cm (40×80 open), the same size of the largest traditional albums.
An album where shades and transitions blend, seamless. Dynamic and romantic layout at the same time, with graphics designed to enhance every single shot, which is highlighted by a fine use of the plans. The large size allows to enhance both the single photo that the sequence of images.
For this you can choose pigments or the traditional photographic printing.

Fine Art

Horizontal size 30x40cm (30×80 open) has a strong impact.
The absolute elegance of an album completely in Black & White, designed to enhance your photos in all their splendor and significance, using a simple graphics layout. Accurate printing to reproduce all tones at the highest quality, is made using pigments guaranteed one hundred years. The procedure is the same as the photographs prepared for museums, galleries and exhibitions. An album that you can browse through many years with the same satisfaction.
It is possible to request this format with color pictures and traditional photographic printing.