Customized courses in Photography and Post-Production

Welcome to the world of photography, a boundless universe where art captures moments of life and transforms them into eternal memories. I am a retired professional photographer, with years of experience and a passion for capturing emotions.

My goal is to share all my knowledge and passion with you, regardless of your level of expertise. My courses will help you discover the hidden potential of every camera you own, whether it’s a sophisticated DSLR or a common smartphone. Photography is an art accessible to everyone, and I will be happy to guide you on this fascinating journey towards stunning shots.

For those who prefer virtual learning, I offer individual online courses, where you can learn comfortably from your own home. If you prefer a more interactive experience, I welcome you to my studio, where in small groups of up to three people, we can explore the world of images together.

Immerse yourself in the world of colors, lights, and shadows, learn to transform your images into works of art through digital post-production. I will share with you all the secrets of specialized software like Photoshop and Lightroom, revealing the tricks that turn a simple image into a magical masterpiece.

In the world of digital photography, advanced post-production has become an essential component for achieving exceptional and high-quality images. Through this phase, we can truly bring out the best in our photographs, creating shots that capture attention and evoke emotions.

Post-production is much more than just correcting errors or enhancing lights and colors. It offers the opportunity to transform an already beautiful image into a masterpiece, allowing for the photographer’s creativity and artistic interpretation to shine. Through tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, we can apply precise adjustments, modify contrast, saturation, sharpness, and much more, allowing us to customize every detail of the image.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the management of photographic files. In the digital world, the amount of data produced is enormous, and it is essential to have an organized and secure method for managing our shots. A poor system of saving and duplicating files could lead to the irreparable loss of precious memories and hours of work dedicated to post-production.

To avoid the risk of data loss, it is crucial to follow good practices for preserving photographic files. Here are some tips:

  1. Multiple Backups: Create multiple copies of photographic files and save them on different media (such as external hard drives, cloud storage, etc.). A multiple backup system ensures that data is safe even in case of hardware failures or technical issues.

  2. Organization: Organize files into well-structured folders and divide them by projects or categories. This makes it easier to find images when needed and prevents confusion and potential overwriting of important files.

  3. Metadata: Use metadata to add crucial information to images, such as date, location, and technical details. This helps track and identify photos more efficiently.

  4. Long-Term Preservation: For valuable images, it is advisable to save copies in uncompressed or higher quality formats to ensure their long-term preservation.

  5. Constant Verification: Periodically check the integrity of file copies and storage media to detect any errors or corruptions.


The fear of data loss is one of the biggest concerns for every digital photographer, but by following these practices and adopting a rigorous file management routine, we can minimize the risk of unwanted losses.

Advanced post-production and proper file management are key elements for photographic excellence and for preserving the most precious memories in the best possible way. My mission is to help you acquire the skills needed to effectively and safely tackle these challenges during our personalized courses. Together, we will explore every aspect of digital photography, and I will guide you through every step to transform your images into timeless masterpieces.


To get to know me better, you can also access some links to my commercial services or private photo memories, mostly taken with a phone. My work has mainly focused on wedding photography; however, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into photography in many of its specializations, such as being a certified Google StreetView photographer, portrait photography, still life, advertising photography, and much more.


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